Finding Developers

I spend a lot of time looking at postings for developers, websites and designers, and the conclusion I’ve reached is that most people have no idea what they’re doing. That’s not entirely surprising – if they did, they probably wouldn’t be looking so hard for a developer. That’s said, compared to other hiring […]

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Cut the Cruft

You don’t have to go very long in a modern business school to hear about the ’80/20′ rule, or more formally, a ‘Pareto Analysis’. For those not familiar, as a general rule of thumb, 80% of ______ is caused by 20% of the _____. 80% of your profits will be from 20% of […]

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Nerding Out: Advanced CSS Selectors

Note: Occasionally, this blog will delve into advanced development topics that may be a little advanced to the non-technical readers. They usually are still understandable to the layman, but might not be as interesting. You’ve been warned!

CSS selectors are one of the most basic parts of CSS – it is the labels […]

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Perfect Software

What is perfect software?

Is it software that does everything, or is it software that does exactly what it is supposed to do?

There is no exact definition, though most of the time, the answer is “as perfect as the budget allows”. That’s a perfectly rationale approach to take, as all projects are ultimately bound by […]

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Websites for SALES and Marketing

Most companies categorize their website expenses under the general ‘sales and marketing’ header, appropriately, but seem to focus more on the marketing component than the sales one.  Obviously, a well made website can be a key component to the sales pipeline, but it generally sits near the front of the pipeline, helping feed perspective clients […]

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Building in WordPress the Right Way

WordPress is an awesome tool for building websites.  But I think we need to examine that statement a little more closely, and then consider what it actually means.  Because, while it is amazing to build a site in WordPress, you don’t build sites; you either use them, or maybe manage the content, but you don’t build.  And that’s […]

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Moving Day!

Glossy is moving!  We’ve outgrown our home offices, and our opening an actual office location now.

Break Rooms! Hallways! Reception Area!  It has it all!

But on a more serious note, I’d like to thank all the Glossy clients that have helped me grow Glossy big enough to need an office.  It’s a big step for me, […]

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All the latest and greatest

Working hard to bring you something new and exciting
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Welcome to the new home of Glossy Dev!
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