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Connect with everything you need.  Use the best of the internet to power your site, without reinventing the wheel


Have your site professional made and maintained, so you can focus on your business.

You have enough to do without constantly dealing with your site.  You just want it to work, and without having to micromanage every aspect of it.  One account, one resource, one solution.  A simple user interface, easy user permissions, straight forward marketing tools.  Come see how easy it can be.


We make sure that your software stays up to date.  This keeps your site secure and less vulnerable to targeted attacks.


When your website is seen online, your brand is your message and it should clearly communicate your value.


Make sure your clients can find you on the internet. It’s a really


We make sure that your software stays up to date.  This keeps your site secure and less vulnerable to targeted attacks.


We ensure that our customers have secure passwords and the right web server, git deployment.


There’s nothing worse than losing important data.  We set up the servers so that they automatically back up every night.



We handle all of Climb’s break-fix issues and provide ongoing support.  We have also created custom solutions to help them work more effectively.

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Mail Road Winery is a premiere boutique winery in Central California. Their unique and exquisite wines have taken the industry by storm,
as their early efforts have been lauded by critics

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The home of internationally acclaimed chef and teacher, Elaina Love, Pure Joy Planet is a portal to discover new recipes, sign up for classes and learn about healthy living and eating

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The National Introducing Brokers Association (NIBA) was created to serve as an independent representative for Introducing Brokers. The NIBA, and is one of the foremost, nationally recognized organizations providing representation and education for registered derivatives professionals including IBs, CTAs, CPOs, and APs.

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1209, 2016

Finding Developers

I spend a lot of time looking at postings for developers, websites and designers, and the conclusion I’ve reached is that most people have no idea what they’re doing. That’s not entirely surprising – if they did, they probably wouldn’t be looking so hard for a developer. That’s said, compared to other hiring decisions, the postings I see for developers are just seething with frustration. While I’m not sure about every situation individually, I think this is because, unlike other hires in a business, hiring a developer involves evaluating skills completely seperate from what your business does. If you have a retail location, you work in real estate or you have some industrial manufacturing factory, you probably don’t spend much time designing websites, so your knowledge is going to be limited.

What are some of the big mistakes I see?

Being way too unspecific: If you want to attract qualified and competent developers, they’re not going to deal with teasing out basic project requirements – they have plenty of clients that give them requirements exactly as they need them, and they’re not going to want to hassle with you. This goes double with the actual job posting, […]

2808, 2016

Cut the Cruft

You don’t have to go very long in a modern business school to hear about the ’80/20′ rule, or more formally, a ‘Pareto Analysis’. For those not familiar, as a general rule of thumb, 80% of ______ is caused by 20% of the _____. 80% of your profits will be from 20% of your customers; 20% of your staff with generate 80% of your headaches; you’ll complete 80% of your work in 20% of your day; and so on and so on. For the more pedantic among us, both the 80 and the 20 are approximate – maybe in actually 18% of your customers generating 83% of your profit – but it’s a rule of thumb, not an immutable law. Individual mileage will vary slightly. While not perfect, it is enlightening: why does so much of our pain or pleasure come from such a small population? And how can we use this information to tip the ratio to more pleasure, less pain (unless you’re into that sort of thing, i’m not here to judge)?

Well, you can go review the numerous books on the math behind it if you’re curious as to why; I’m […]

2208, 2016

Perfect Software

What is perfect software?

Is it software that does everything, or is it software that does exactly what it is supposed to do?

There is no exact definition, though most of the time, the answer is “as perfect as the budget allows”. That’s a perfectly rationale approach to take, as all projects are ultimately bound by the budget, but doesn’t really help define perfect software. But if you don’t define perfect software, then it’s pretty hard to work towards it. So let’s try again.

For me, perfect software not only does exactly what it’s suppose to, but does it in an intuitive way. I want my software to not only work, but work how I expect it to! So often, I find software that does amazing things…but you have to dig through nine layer of menus, do 14 google searches, watch 3 YouTube videos and obtain a master’s degree in chemistry to make it happen. This is doubly so in a business environment, where every piece of software seems to have gone to the ‘more-is-better’ school of marketing. Microsoft Word has an unfathomable amount of functions and features, that make some truly beautiful documents. Most users […]