WordPress is an awesome tool for building websites.  But I think we need to examine that statement a little more closely, and then consider what it actually means.  Because, while it is amazing to build a site in WordPress, you don’t build sites; you either use them, or maybe manage the content, but you don’t build.  And that’s an important distinction people don’t often talk about when it comes to using WordPress for a site.

Since you don’t build websites, why do you want WordPress?  Well, in a lot of ways, you don’t.  You want your developer to use it, because it represents a huge cost savings for building the site.  But when it comes to using or managing your WordPress site, it kind of…sucks.  WordPress is trying to be a lot of things to a lot of people, and it’s robust plugin system only further expands that.  The problem, you aren’t a lot of people, and you aren’t a lot of things, and you need your site to match you.  How do you do that though?

You have to build in WordPress the right way.

The first step is to release the idea of how much of the work on the site you want to, or are capable, of doing – forcing things to be easily editable when they never actually will be edited is a waste of time and money.  Instead, focus on what you will and want to do.  Do you have a large sales staff that has changes regularly?  You will want the ability to update the sales directory regularly.  You probably don’t change board of directors very often though, so leaving that for the developer to update on the off chance it happens is probably a safe play.

Narrowing down the list should yield only a small handful of things – probably in the 4-5 range for most readers, maybe upwards of 10 for the more ambition.  That short list is the key to building a site right – because you now have a list of actions, and WordPress can be built around them.  More importantly, now that you have a specific list of of tasks, you can ditch the general purpose (and ugly, and confusing) WordPress dashboard admin, and instead use purpose built screens.  Suddenly, doing what you want on your website is easy.  That’s when you know you’ve built your WordPress site the right way.

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